The 7 Keys To Rapid Body Transformation

This is a guest post from my friend Vic Magary – fitness coach, U.S. Army Infantry veteran, and creator of the 40 Days Fit program.

So often we want to get fit and get fit now. Whether it’s for that beach vacation or little black dress, we want to transform our body composition from soft and flabby to lean and strong as quickly as possible. And although it can’t be accomplished overnight, it can be done faster than many people realize. The pictures below were taken exactly 40 days apart:

how to lose over 20 lbs

For my rapid body transformation, I didn’t spend hours in the gym. And I didn’t give up eating my favorite foods including pizza, ice cream, and red wine. But I did follow the 7 keys to rapid body transformation listed below: (more…)

The Monotony of Life and Work – Lessons from Zen, Kung-Fu Flicks, and Juggling Cantaloupes.

A Zen proverb goes, “Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.”

The idea being, as I understand it, that despite achieving a certain goal (happiness, spiritual fulfillment, income level, or whatever) you will always beholden to life’s daily tasks at some level. It is just the nature of life as a human.

I know I’ve been seduced by the bumper sticker phrase, “If it’s not fun, then why do it?” This seems like sound advice, but it misses the mark some. (more…)

Beyond Guns and Safe Houses – Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse Naturally!

A lot has been made lately on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Most these resources focus on basic survival skills, the most effective types of guns and weapons to use, and constructing and stocking a secure safe house or intentional community.

While these are of vital importance, I propose that they are only a small piece of the pie. Equally important are the mental skills necessary to cope with an event like this, staying healthy and strong, and the prevention and possible treatment of the zombie disease process. (more…)

Seven Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Yoga Warrior II Pose (plus free instruction)

Welcome to Yoga With Ayns! For those of you new to this series, I’ll be covering 1-3 yoga poses per week (depending on the difficulty). I will also include a picture along with the name, type, benefits, cautions and how-to of various poses. (more…)

Scary Infographic on the Long-term Effects of Drinking Soda

Sugary and sweetened drinks are one of the main things you should avoid when pursuing a life of health. Here’s an infographic on the worst offender – Soda! (Click image to enlarge.)

Via: Term Life Insurance

Have you noticed any negative effects from drinking Soda? What do you like to drink instead? Please leave your comments and questions below!

Yoga With Ayns – Warrior 1 Posture (Virabhadrasana 1)

Welcome to Yoga With Ayns! For those of you new to this series, I’ll be covering 1-3 yoga poses per week (depending on the difficulty). I will also include a picture along with the name, type, benefits, cautions and how-to of various poses. (more…)

From Awakening the Senses to Sensory Overload

I planned to continue with Part 2 of The Awakening the Senses and Inner Instinct series this week, but I just realized there is an important part of the equation I missed.

Last Saturday I arrived back in the US from 6 months in the little Mexican beach town I live every winter. I actually had the epiphany during my layover in the crazy LA airport. (more…)

Yoga With Ayns – Triangle Posture (Trikonasana)

Once you have mastered the Sun Salutations you may wish to add other postures to your yoga practice. The standing postures help strengthen the body while giving us stamina and control to carry ourselves throughout our day with greater ease. (more…)

Awaken Your Senses and Inner Instinct! Part 1: Into the Wild

It’s time to wake up! Most of us are living our lives in a mental construct as opposed to experiencing the world as it is.

In the name of safety, efficiency, science, and progress we’ve insulated ourselves from the richness of life – our sensory perception.

And as our senses dull, we lose our natural animal instincts. We also remove ourselves from the present moment and become a slave to our thoughts and emotions.

Most importantly we miss out on all the beauty and mystery the world (and our bodies) have to offer. Too many people have isolated themselves from the natural world and even their own bodies.

It’s time to stop dulling our senses so we can be comfortable. It’s time to regain our curiosity, the boundless energy, the alertness, the sensations, and the fun and beauty of waking up our bodies to the world around us. (more…)

Yoga Sun Salutation – Part 4: Upward and Downward Facing Dog

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

Yoga was traditionally practiced facing the rising sun, and the Sun Salutation is a great start to any day or yoga practice.

It is a sequence of forward and back bending postures linked together with the breath that adds heat, flexibility and strength to the body while improving digestion and circulation.

Every week I will cover a couple postures of the series. If you are just beginning, be sure to review the previous posts first:

Yoga Sun Salutation – Part 1: Mountain Pose and Standing Forward Fold

Yoga Sun Salutation – Part 2: Lunge/Crescent Moon Pose and Plank Pose

Yoga Sun Salutation – Part 3: Reverse Pushup and Cobra

It can be practiced as slowly or as quickly as desired and can be modified as you need to make it less or more challenging. It becomes a dance with the breath; deepening mind-body awareness.

If you only have five minutes to spare, Surya Namaskar is a simple way to bring the benefits of yoga into your life. (more…)