For The Love of Bacon Poetry Contest, Bacon Giveaway, and More!

Bottom line, bacon is awesome! If you are a meat/pork eater chances are you love bacon.

Not only do most people love bacon. Bacon gets people excited. Phrases like “anything tastes good with bacon” and “bacon makes it better” are thrown around all the time.

Primal Toad, in his post 5 Reasons Why Loving Bacon is Super Healthy, said it best:

Bacon is not nutrient rich and is not loaded with antioxidants. But when a bacon lover enjoys bacon alone or with other foods then they are put in an incredibly happy place.

When you eat bacon you come alive. You feel great and don’t think about all the stresses of the world. If you love bacon and eat it often then you should feel zero guilt when you consume it.

Be sure to check out this public service announcement I created about the medicinal qualities of Bacon. I’d like to thank the creators of this Cymbalta commercial for the inspiration.

If you are reading this article in email or RSS use this link to view Medicinal Grade Bacon.

The Bacon Poetry Contest

How much do you love bacon? I want to hear about it in prose! In fact, I’m going to give away a 1.5 lbs pack of White Sugar-Free Hickory Smoked Pork Bacon from US Wellness Meats to the person who leaves the best original bacon poem in the comments section.

The winner will be chosen based on no specific criteria except whatever I feel like is the best poem.

The deadline for entry of this contest is this Monday, January 23rd 2012 at 5pm Pacific. I’ll be listing the best poems and announcing the Grand Prize winner next Wednesday, January 25th.

Also, I will only be shipping to addresses in the continental United States (sorry to those of you in other countries, but maybe you could ship it to a friend in the US?)

Good Luck! Please leave your bacon poems below to win big and literally bring home the bacon!

Custom Musical Score for “Medicinal Grade Bacon” by Jed Wilson

Photo by Sidereal
Photo by mytvdinner

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27 Responses to “For The Love of Bacon Poetry Contest, Bacon Giveaway, and More!”

  1. John Waterman says:

    Fall Harvest Haiku

    When the fat pig plays
    Calling to me so sweetly
    Tummy grumbles thanks.

  2. C. A. Kobu says:

    Hi Doug.

    I’m an incurable fan of bacon, so I had to be here today.

    I have a favorite poem by William Carlos Williams. It goes like this:

    I have eaten
    the plums
    that were in
    the icebox

    and which
    you were probably
    for breakfast

    Forgive me
    they were delicious
    so sweet
    and so cold

    And today, I rewrote and adapted Williams’ poem for your contest :)
    (only because I want that pack of White Sugar-Free Hickory Smoked Pork Bacon! ;) )

    I have devoured
    the strips
    of bacon
    that were in
    the fridge

    and which
    you were obviously
    for brunch

    Forgive me
    they were crispy
    so sizzly
    and so savory
    so divine

    Great article, my friend! It’s always a pleasure to read what you create and share.

  3. Adan says:

    As a fan of bacon, I thought I’d give this a shot too!

    Bacon’s so crispy; so juicy; so sweet
    So salty; so scrumptious; so completely complete

    For breakfast, for dinner, for lunch or a snack
    Bacon’s the treat that makes my lips smack

    And of all of the bacons I like Turkey the best!
    Just kidding
    I tricked you
    It was only a jest

    Pigs make it the best, who could debate
    The sound of the sizzle, the smell and the taste?

    It is for bacon that I’m glad I’m not Jewish
    To live without bacon would make me so sad and so blue-ish.

  4. Amy says:

    If I’d only found bacon in 2005…

    That video is hilarious! Nice little cameo from Corbett there!

    This is a must-share, definitely.

    • Doug says:

      Well, at least now you know if anybody needs some help ;-)

      Thanks Amy! It was a lot of fun to make.

    • C. A. Kobu says:

      The video is absolutely hilarious! I had to laugh out loud in the middle of writing a serious worksheet :) My son is unable to fully become vegetarian only because of bacon, and we’re not really helping him. There’s always enough hickory-smoked bacon in the fridge ;)

      Doug, this is a great way of conveying important information in a fun and memorable way.

      • Doug says:

        “and we’re not really helping him” – That made me laugh out loud.

        Those drug commercials are so ridiculous. It was a lot of fun to make a parody and still throw in some useful info. My great cast and I were cracking up the whole time.

  5. Jason says:

    Great idea Doug! Here’s my entry, a bacon haiku:

    Bacon, my sweet love
    Fry up that smokey goodness

  6. LunaMay Waterman says:

    Bacon, Bacon,
    tender and sweet.
    A rainbow of magenta,
    that’s one fantastic meat.

    LunaMay (age 8)

  7. LunaMay Waterman says:

    Bacon, Bacon,
    tender and sweet.
    You melt in my mouth,
    While my other pig runs down the street.

    LunaMay (age 8)

  8. Vic Magary says:

    My bacon poem should be rapped and sung to the first verse and chorus of Jay-Z’s “Empire State Of Mind”. Ha!

    Yeah I’m at sunrise, lookin’ for a fast breaker
    Scrambling a few eggs, now I need a taste maker
    I almost forgotcha, on the same shelf as beer
    Sittin’ in my fridge in a package with the package clear
    All of that delicious pig, I couldn’t stop at one piece
    Had me droppin’ 6 strips, frying pan full of grease
    Now I got my mouth full, and then I taste meat
    Bacon extra crispy in the morning is a great treat
    Cruisin’ down your street, looking for breakfast
    I get mine at Kerbey’s Diner when I’m in Texas
    Me I’m still hungry, I’ll have some more piggy
    Lunch, dinner, snacks, doesn’t matter bacon you can give me
    So give bacon a try, don’t believe the white lies
    Cholesterol and health will not take a nose dive
    Nitrates they be left out, or at least they better be
    Tell by my appetite, that I most definitely…

    Chew Pork…
    Extra crispy bacon is tastey
    And happy it makes me
    Now when you chew pork…
    Make sure that it’s quality bacon
    And nothing that’s fakin’
    Make mine the good pork, good pork, good pork

    • Doug says:

      That’s pretty amazing and with a little gansta flare! I would love to see you rap that with the background music. Thanks Vic!

  9. Steve says:

    Roses are red
    Bacon is too
    Poems are hard

  10. whitney allison says:

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t imagine life without you, when I am sick and my body is achin, nothin heels me better than bacon.

  11. Kelsey Creech says:

    To the famous Ice Ice Baby
    Yo Pork Lovers….. Let’s eat it!
    Oink Oink Piggy(3X)
    Alright STOP!
    Get your skillet and listen.
    Take some notes on the recipes I’ll mention.
    Bacon, caught me off guard slightly.
    Eat it all the time, daily and nightly.
    Into my mouth then it goes where?
    Into the esophagus, too good to bear.
    To the extreme, eating bacon all night.
    Keep your taste buds jumpin’ til the mornin’ light.
    Dance, cuz it makes you wanna move
    Killing it, with nothing to prove.
    Deadly, cuz it tastes that good to me
    Don’t try to deny or you’re just crazy.

    I am in a culinary lab at Miami Valley CTC in Clayton, Ohio. We LOVE bacon! (: I know the contest is over but oh well!! Sporting my love of bacon!

  12. Doug Hayslip says:

    I would just like to say my bulldogs name is bacon and would love to be your spokesmen …He loves bacon almost as much as me! I am working on a sidecar for him to go on my Harley . he looks good in his helmet..when I say bacon is the love of my life I really mean it…. My wife and kids or ok to..he goes to work with me and is loved by all in the Cleveland area..I can say even vegetarian love bacon. Thank you for your time. GOD BLESS..

  13. Joe Fecher says:

    I kove bacon,
    yes I do.
    I love bacon,
    so should you.

  14. Phillip DiPentino says:

    Burritos,pasta,or burgers with cheddar
    You name it!
    Bacon makes it better
    Bacon is Delicious anytime
    For breakfast, lunch or for dinner
    Too bad when I eat you
    I don’t get thinner


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